How to wear fur coat?

Hi, everybody. I am sorry, i have a long time for posting any good articles for you. Now I come out.

Fur coats seem to become a necessity in our winter life. Some ladies are afraid of wearing fur coats; because if the collocation fails, the fur coat makes them look more older. I am here to help ladies overcome this problem.
First, when shop at the department store or view at an online shop, you need to pay attention to the design of the fur coat. Those stylish and bright fur coats are easy for you to match your clothing. Styles of them can be listed as Jacket Style, Wind Coat Style or Overcoat Style. If you look careful, you will find the distinction among them. Its special texture makes it more unique and mysterious. You can use fur coat to match your mini dress, skinny jeans, stockings, boots and heels. The most important thing is that, other clothing or accessories matching with fur coat need to be nobile and elegant enough. Otherwise, you will get a bad effect. Let’s look at the Vogue Model who wears a piece of fur coat. Long dress is really a good choice.

fur coat with long dress


Those photos made by source from Vogue Model.

I have introduced how to collocate styles of  fur coat. Now let’s shift our vision to the image pattern in the fur coat. Take Leopard Print as an example.

Many girls feel scared to wear fur coat in Leopard Print. I would like to say that your worry is really redundant.  Does she seem more old? Nope, she is more fashion and noble! As long as your hairstyle and the whole dress is okay, you will be the queen of this season!

Women Noble Warm Winter Fur Coat in Leopard Print


How to choose jewelry beads and charms?

Well,  choosing what kind of  jewelry bead and charm depends on what kind of occasion you will attend.

The opening ceremony of London 2012 will begin on July.27th, 2012. But do you know Olympic Games Jewelry comes out?

Here i don’t mean to ask you to buy any Olympic Games Jewelry. I am not the supplier, not selling anything.

If  someone wears those jewelrys charms and watch the Olympic Games at the audience seats. He/she may have a strong feeling about this Olympic Games.


When you walk besides the sea at the beach, you may wear troll beads to get some feel.



How to improve your fitness this summer?

Do you envy ladies who have good figure walking on the street? Do you envy someone always having good appetite and a healthy body?
Don’t always envy! Trust yourself! You will be!

Check out your body. What kind of your body type is? Like an apple or pear or other type. Which your body part has much fat?
If your waist is very fat, other parts are slim. Your waist is not very healthy.
Do you know why penguin is so fat. Coz it needs fat to keep warm. So if your waist has much fat, your waist must be afraid of coldness. If you practice yoga or do some sit-ups, your waist emits some heat; there is no doubt your waist will become more flexible and healthy than before. Well, the advantages cannot be spoken in one or two words.
If your arms are very fat, i suggest you do some stretch.

How Do Celebrities Maintain Their Figure and Have Nice Body Shape?

Good figure does not mean you own a good figure as long as you are very light.

Let’s see how celebrities lose weight and maintain good figure.

















Jennifer Love Hewitt keeps diet-friendly foods in her fridge, like fish and veggies.

She has been fat before. But she gotta a change later.

Her solution of losing weight:


Avoid stashing tempting food in her refrigerator&keep storing the minimum of healthy food.


Jennifer and her boyfriend are always jogging,while Ginnifer Goodwin has never tried to keep secret the method behind her svelte figure.


















She told ppl she had been fat before. But good will changes her figure.

Among celebrities, they have their sole ways of losing weight or keep figure. However, they have two similar methods. Have healthy diet and keep doing sport.

We always see some professional dancers have good figure. One is that they need to keep weight and figure to dance smartly and well, the other is that if they are fat, they

cannot dance and prop up their body.

Beach Wear for Women Trends

Beachwear is a very common apparel in current times.
When stay at the seaside, we always wear bikinis or long robes. In fact, beach dress with chiffon is a good choice. It always gives ppl to feel that you are light, like a fairy walking at the beach.















Sometimes, you look fashion when wear those materials on the beach; Sometimes, you look a bit more sexy and  wild.

How to wear dress in summer?

Which lady doesn’t want to show her figure in summer? Very few and far between.

They like to wear sorts of dresses. But if you choose a right dress for your whole body, you will look more elegant.
Some tall ladies like to wear the long summer dress when they go shopping or walk on the beach. That’s a good selection, coz those long summer dresses can make tall women seem more slim and tall. There is no doubt women look more beautiful under the dresses.

When attend an evening party,strapless tube dress is so popular. When you stand at any corner or stay under the  lighting, line of your bosom and shoulder can show more clear. That’s sole beauty of women.

Except for casual situation or some gorgeous situation, when women are working in the office, they still want to wear a piece of nice dress to embody their mood and character. Well, office lady summer dress with sophisticated and casual elements is more charming.