How to improve your fitness this summer?

Do you envy ladies who have good figure walking on the street? Do you envy someone always having good appetite and a healthy body?
Don’t always envy! Trust yourself! You will be!

Check out your body. What kind of your body type is? Like an apple or pear or other type. Which your body part has much fat?
If your waist is very fat, other parts are slim. Your waist is not very healthy.
Do you know why penguin is so fat. Coz it needs fat to keep warm. So if your waist has much fat, your waist must be afraid of coldness. If you practice yoga or do some sit-ups, your waist emits some heat; there is no doubt your waist will become more flexible and healthy than before. Well, the advantages cannot be spoken in one or two words.
If your arms are very fat, i suggest you do some stretch.