How to wear accessories in summer

Summer is so hot, andĀ  many clothing stay close to your body. If the clothing material is breathable, you cannot only wear in a comfortable way but also you can show your S figure. Wear skinny jeans to make your waist out and add some fashion accessories on your waist to look more sexy and charming.

Romantic summer is full of gorgeous colours. Nno season has more colours than summer. Though summer is a hot season, many girls are ecstasy at this time of year. Now the temperature and this season make ladies heart spring.

In summer, majority clothing are short-sleeves. So ladies always bare their arms. Some sophisicated girls will focus on their arms, by wearing a pair of bracelets to make their arms look more beautiful.

However, some shy girls have another romantic way of wearing fashion accessories to show beauty.
They choose one-piece dress. It cannot only make arm, neck, some part of bosom or back bare, neck can be also showed elegantly by wearing some hair accessories or takingĀ  a long necklace
If you spend your summer holiday on the beach, sunglasses is a good choice. Make your hair loose and pin a flower on your hair. What will make people feel intoxicated!


Use head hairpin to make a new hairstyle

The affection of head hairpin can reflect inner expression of a lady. There are many kinds of ladies hairstyles. To use head hairpin may look very traditional, however, if you match it appropriately, you can still get a good effect.To put the head hairpin with flower pattern on lady’s head is to make seem extremely gentle. This is the fatal arm of the focus in the wedding or ball.
Diamound head hairpin in silver can be wore on the head bun. If you wanna make a fashion head bun, head hairpin is a good selection.

Look the small baby(Harper Seven Beckham) who wear hairpin.