Hairstyle ideas for 2012

Do you know hairstyle can change ppl’s temperament?

Cute summer hairstyle always gives ppl a kind of sweet feel.


















Haircuts for women:

Short hairstyle always gives ppl a kind of brief , clean and sophisticated feel.


Simple hairstyle, simple beauty

Do you know  ladies hairstyles can affect her whole temperament? To diy or have barbers do some hairstyles in summer is more easy than the other seasons.

Summer Hair embellishments like broaches, barrettes and jewels. It doesn’t matter how you put your hair up and how creative you become, it will be your best look.
Due tο heat, seat аnd frizzy tribulations; it’s quite difficult tο maintain a gorgeous hairstyle аnd many women аrе confused whаt іѕ thе mοѕt appropriate hairstyle  іn summer season. Do some short hair cuts to avoid heat and messy?

Before i give you suggestion, i want to know how you always make your hairstyle?  Read hairstyle magazine to check out the latest hairstyles or do some virtual hairstyles online to see whether it is appropriate for you.

Hеrе аrе a few tips thаt саn surely hеlр уοu іn maintain a perfect hairstyle throughout thе summer season.

Tangle Out!
This methord is good for those whose bangs are natural curl. Sometimes, bangs really affect your face profile. But you can diy and change by your hands. When you attend a evening party, this is a good choice.

Only bind your bangs!

When you walk in the beach, you don’t need to worry about the sea wind making your hairstyle in messy. Just breathe the air beside the sea and have a nice look about yourself. When you go shopping, you can still try to have the kind of hairstyle. One is that you can keep your hairstyle, another is that you can keep sweat from head drain away.

Have a hairstyle fit for your face

Know  the true quality of your hair
If your hair is very thick and dense, congratulations to you. Coz you have had many hairstyles.
If your hair are very thin, maybe  you cannot have a try for some hairstyles unless you spend much time on managing. Anyways,knowing and understanding your hair type is also a vital factor in selecting a hairstyle:

Hair colour and shade
Selecting the right hair colour is all about complexion and skin tone. Selecting a hair colour that is too dark or too light may make you appear washed out or pale and unwell. If you dye your hair in a bright colour, pls pay attention to think about how to choose clothing.

Visual balance
Check your face in the mirror as a hairstyle that compliments your features. Maybe you can wear a wig to check out whether the hairstyle is fit for you.

Oval Shape Faces
An oval face’s length is generally one and half times its width. The forehead and chin areas are roughly the same width. Most hairstyles will look good on an oval face.

Round Shape Faces
The length of a round face is generally similar to its width, giving a more circular appearance. Short hair styles look good on a round face. Hair styles that are smooth at the sides and which don’t create width will form a more linear look and elongate the face.

Square Shape Faces
Square shaped faces have a broad forehead and a strong angular jaw line. Short to medium hair styles look best on square faces.

Diamond Shape Faces
A diamond shaped face typically has a narrow forehead and a narrow jaw line. Hairstyles to consider if you have a diamond face include a bob cut which adds width to the chin area.

Oblong Shape Faces
The oblong face is generally longer than it is wide. With this shape the hair style should be designed to minimise the appearance of the face length.

Heart Shape Faces
The heart shaped face is defined by a wide forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jaw line. The goal with this shape is to create width around the narrow chin with styles that kick out around the chin and shoulder.

Triangular Shape Faces
A triangular shaped face has a narrow forehead and wide strong jaw line. Layered hairstyles will create volume and balance the strong chin.