Fashion Sandals 2012

Stylish Summer Shoes for ladies.


Summer is not the only season for women. Men can also show their glamour in different ways this season. A pair of cool sandals can promote his charming index.


To young mothers and fathers,

International Children’s Day has already passed this year. What gift did you give to your kids? A suit of new clothing? New sandals? Others?



Lose weight in a right way

No exercise for weight loss is almost impossible , you might like to lose some kilos but fat accumulated stay and form the familiar “love handles” that are ruining your figure.

Among the weight loss exercises, aerobic exercises are one of the most recommended because they work with the most important muscles of the body at an average density of 70%.

Many people have the wrong concept of losing weight. They think as long as they eat less and less, they will become slim. But if they stop keeping eating less, their body will bounce immediately.

So the good choice of keeping good figure and having a healthy body is that do some aerobic exercises and don’t eat too much.


How to avoid foot pain from heels


Heels are a powerful sexy arm for ladies. So we feel very confient when wear heels. Victoria Beckham said when she wore her heels, she felt confident immediately. The same to many ladies. But if you stand in one place for a long time, your feet must be uncomfortable.  Sometimes, our heels blister my feet. Then we feel sore.
But it is impossible if we don’t wear heels. Since then we must wear heels, we need to know some techniques to avoid foot pain and protect our feet well.

If you buy a pair of new heels from store, you can put two ice-pack in your heels and store them in your refrigerator for a whole day. You pick them out the next day and wear. That’s a very special feel. Have a try.

Make beautiful medium hairstyles

Medium hairstyles can be outlined clearly & explained as bob style. Length of bob style is always past jaw line and falling near to the bottom of the neck.

But bob style is not fit for everybody whose hair is medium size. If you think bob style is not appropriate for you, try to have medium hairstyles with bangs. The loosen hair end makes you more sexy.


Let’s take a look at medium hairstyle 2012. Don’t feel doubt to upgrade your hairstyle.  Here we show you a wide option of the hottest shoulder-length medium styles. Find your favorite styles& makeyour creative look.  Choose a minimum cost and get the most beautiful medium length hairstyle.

Women’s fashion shoes

How to show beauty of your feet and  lengthen your leg line?  Wear a pair of fashion shoes. If your feet are a bit fat and wide,  choose  heels as below can hide the defects of your feet,  but never lose any glamour.


Stiletto high heels always make ladies sexy. They can make your boost your charming index in men’s heart. But if you wear them all day long, don’t forget to let your feet rest. Having foot soak every evening can protect your feet and whole body. You need beauty, but still you need health.


Among women’s  shoes, we will never forget the louboutin christian.  It has its niche status on the shoes stage. Even for me,  i cannot refuse its elegance.


Dance shoes are always very light.  When you dance, you feel your shoes are very light, so you can turn around easily. Sometimes,  it is a waste only when you dance  you wear dance shoes.   To save much money,  choosing a pair of elegant shoes like dance shoes or evening party shoes can help you save much money and promote life quality.


Don’t forget to make your neck seem more elegant

Elegance is a kind of choice. What to wear and how to look depends on yourself.


In summer, we always like to wear a suit of cool and light clothing, but usually ingore the beauty of neck. Neck needs to be showed appropriately.


If you wear a suit of bikini, nobody will pay too much attention on your neck, even they won’t care. But if you add a necklace on your neck, the focus will on your neck. If you are confident enough, if you would like to show your neck, if you wanna make your whole suit more gorgeous, JUST try to wear a piece of necklace. Ohum…. I will have a try. Sometimes, if colour of your clothing is so dark, a charming necklace may change the dull atmosphere. Do you think so?

Simple skin care

How to protect your face skin in summer? Have you ever considered this question?

In summer, the sun makes the air so hot. Your pores expand&blood of skin cycles more quickly. Facial skin is easy to fill with blood, so it is easy to be hurt because of the strong sunlight. Meanwhile, the sweat always causes pores jammed. Therefore, it is easy for people to have skin hurt.

So learn some skin advice for protecting your skin. You know skin affects your whole image.

In summer, you need to clean your facial skin two or three times a day. You can select the warm water with the facial cleanser to clean your skin. Then use firming lotion to replenish the lost water and grease. Use one facial mask every week to make your skin more clean.

How to wear accessories in summer

Summer is so hot, and  many clothing stay close to your body. If the clothing material is breathable, you cannot only wear in a comfortable way but also you can show your S figure. Wear skinny jeans to make your waist out and add some fashion accessories on your waist to look more sexy and charming.

Romantic summer is full of gorgeous colours. Nno season has more colours than summer. Though summer is a hot season, many girls are ecstasy at this time of year. Now the temperature and this season make ladies heart spring.

In summer, majority clothing are short-sleeves. So ladies always bare their arms. Some sophisicated girls will focus on their arms, by wearing a pair of bracelets to make their arms look more beautiful.

However, some shy girls have another romantic way of wearing fashion accessories to show beauty.
They choose one-piece dress. It cannot only make arm, neck, some part of bosom or back bare, neck can be also showed elegantly by wearing some hair accessories or taking  a long necklace
If you spend your summer holiday on the beach, sunglasses is a good choice. Make your hair loose and pin a flower on your hair. What will make people feel intoxicated!